First of all, only some banks offer loans to people earning in other countries. The thing is that they must be provided in the currency in which the customer receives remuneration. Of course, it is also important whether he has a contract for an indefinite period and whether he can document his income. In addition, you have to take into account the relatively high cost of credit, as well as the considerable requirements for the amount of own contribution.

When it comes to purely formal issues

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You usually need to prepare a contract or contract, income statement, account statements, tax return. It may turn out that the bank will want the documents to be translated by a sworn translator. This involves further expenses.

So, paradoxically, in the case of people working abroad, impressive earnings and higher creditworthiness do not translate into quick and efficient access to the amount by the bank.

However, the loan application procedure does not have to be very complicated …

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Although potential clients who receive income in another country have more problems signing a loan agreement than people employed in US, it is not impossible to achieve it. It’s important to meet these requirements. In addition, emigrants who earn in USD are in the best position. However, before starting a procedure related to applying for a loan, it is worth contacting a financial advisor .

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